Buries Markes and Van Ommeren

The ship owner Howard Houlder formed Buries Markes in 1930, he died in 1932. The company was acquired by the Paris based Louis Dreyfus Group in 1936. In 1938 the board was restructured, Herbert George Mann became Managing Director. Mann was a shipbroker, who had managed Van Ommeren (London) from 1914.

The company bought a ship that was under construction in Gothenburg. The funds were put up by the Dreyfus Argentinian subsidiary, so, when the ship was launched in 1938, she was named La Pampa.

Two more ships were built in 1940, but both were torpedoed, early in the war. Various ships were managed throughout the war, including vessels acquired by Van Ommeren. Afterwards Buries Markes built up a sizeable British flag fleet and continued as shipowners and managers until 1995.

John Ashley Mann succeeded his father in 1951 and remained until 1965, when this part of the story ends.

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