Risdon Beazley, Marine Salvor

ISBN 978-0-9557441-0-5

In 1940 Risdon Beazley’s fleet was requisitioned. The Admiralty handed him thirty ships to manage, this had doubled by the end of the war.

All but three of the British salvage vessels that were at the Normandy landings and the subsequent port clearance work were managed by RB. Two ships and five lifting craft were sent to clear the US beaches and then Cherbourg harbour. At home the company's shipwrights built twenty two Fairmile ML/MGB/MTBs, plus smaller craft.

Post war they dominated the salvage of metal cargoes around the World. Among a number of other spectacular salvage operations was their re-floating of Brunel's ship Great Britain from the Falkland Islands. Risdon Beazley was made a CBE for his crucial contribution to the recovery of the scattered remains of the ill-fated Comet airliner.

Co-author Lyle Craigie-Halkett also worked for the company for many years.

Merchantmen in Action

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